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Do you have a favorite cartoon character?

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....late last night while doing my usual up at 3am and cant sleep routine I stumbled across the cartoon network while flipping through channels.....and for  a second it broght me back to my childhood and Saturday mornings......there was just something magical and irreplaceable about Saturday mornings when I was a child.....getting up specifically to watch the Saturday morning cartoons....I can recall vividly watching Bugs Bunny......Roadrunner......Yosemite Sam....not to mention Fat Albert and the Gang....and of course all my favorite super heros in action as well.....of course things on Saturday morning are nothing like that any more....i assume....considering I haven't watched Saturday morning cartoons in quite some time.....I have no idea what they are showing now.....but I am quite sure it is nothing like what I recall.....perhaps one of these Saturday mornings I will relive some of my childhood and find out for myself lol.........thank you as always for stopping by...........Rick

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