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Would you like to create your own reality show?

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...I will be the first to admit I am no fan of reality television......I just don't understand the appeal to watching people live their lives....I mean I see that every day.....everywhere I go....why do I wanna watch it on tv?....don't get me's not like I watch absolutely nothing rality oriented.....I will admit one of my all time favorite shows is Pawn Stars.......which in a sense is a form of reality tv....I could watch Pawn Stars for several hours at a a matter of fact I have.....What if you could create your own reality show from the ground up?..with no boundries....what would you do?.....I always thought a great reality show idea would center itself around the goings ons in and around some small neighborhood pub somewhere....some cheersy kind of place that has a constant flow of reuglars as well as non reguluars who pop in on occasion.....anyone who frequents one of these places knows there is definitely reality television that could easily happen there......i think i am totally onto something!!! but then again,,,i could be way out in left field...who knows lol....anyways I hope you are having a great thursday!!!! Rick


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