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I will miss you mr J!

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.....Sherman Helmsly passed away just recently.....maybe you know who that is and maybe you don't.....Sherman played the lead character in the 70's / early 80's sitcom entitled "The Jeffersons".....he was Mr Jefferson......owner of no less than 7 drycleaning establishments and was not too shy about letting you know that......married to his wife Louise....aka Weezy as he woud often call her.....and employer of a quick witted and sassy maid named Florence.....I never really saw the show much when it was on....but i did grow up with it's reruns they would often show in the 80's....and i found the show to be incredibly funny as well as entertaining....there was definitely some controversy surrounding the show considering George Jefferson often came off as someone who was narrow minded and racist to some degree.....but if you really paid attention you would quickly see that the network knew what they were doing all along and definitely did not glorify racism or negativity of that nature by any means whatsoever......instead they mocked it and highlighted how ignorant those types of things will make one look.....not to mention when it really came down to it.....when the day ended.....all in all George Jefferson much as he hated to admit if on occasion.....a straight up good guy....a family man who believed in doing what's right.....some of the quarrels he would have with his neighbors who lived above his penthouse apartment were nothing short of this day I still rate  him as one of the funnest all time television characters....Mr. J. I hope you rest in peace and thank you for making me laugh often when i needed it most.                               Rick

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