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Lots of things happen in just a couple days!

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...Over the past couple three days lots of things have happened!.....of course the one thing that has been all over the news is the theatre shooting in heart goes out to the victims and their families.....I will never understand what it is that motivates people to do these types of things... earlier today on FB i saw a comment that made me think for a minute.....and it was a simple comment in which someone was expressing how they saw the suspect who allegedly commited this atrocious act....they saw a picture of him taken when he was in court...they said the picture actually scared them because he simply had a look about him that scared them....and it made me think for a second as to whether or not it would have the same effect on me......and I then immediately thought......NO.....not in the least......whoever would commit an act of that nature is not someone to fear......instead that person is an absolute coward who chose to attack and kill innocent unarmed men women and children in order to get headlines....that person is a waste of space as far as i am concerned.....and is not worthy of my fear.....on another note I see they have taken down the Joe Paterno statue that was once outside of Beaver Stadium and have moved it inside of the stadium....the NCAA also announced sanctions on the Penn State program today and they were definitely harsh once can say they went easy on them that's for sure.....I do feel sorry for the student athletes that have competed as Penn State football players and had nothing at all to do with anything even  remotely related to this scandal....when these types of things happen i not only think about the pain and suffering of the victims (which is unimaginable) but I also think of the negative and harmful effects it has on the innocent bystanders including those student athletes...what happened was beyond horrible and can not be forgotten...i hope and pray we learn from it and take measures to see that it doesn't happen again....Todd N Tyler in town this weekend!!!!!!!! hey thanks for stopping by............Rick

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