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What do you take for granted?

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....Last night i was at my local watering hole after work.....decided to have a cold beer on the way home....maybe catch up on some baseball scores.....anyways i happened to overhear an older lady talking to her son at the table directly behind me......she was 93 years old......yes i said 93....and she was talking to him about what things were like when she grew up.....and from what i could piece together it was quite the tale.......i have nothing but respect for people of her generation.....and it made me really realize how much i take for granted.....i mean i try not to.....but i do....i can recall when i was a kid and making out my Christmas wish list when i was like 9 or 10.....and i hear her talking about the great depression and having to sleep on the floor because they couldnt afford beds.....haveing to eat potatos 5 to 6 days a week sometimes because it was all they had.....i hear her talking about when World War 2 broke out and how so many didn't wait to be drafted but immediately volunteered to defend their country.......i hear her talk about how her entire family would gather around the radio for everything from entertainment to weather reports to hearing the president speak......and when i hear her talking of these things i immediately think to myself how lucky i was to even have to opportunity to make out a Christmas lucky i was to be able to eat lucky i was to have the littlest of things that i did have growing i said...i have a tremendous amount of respect for those that came before us and helped pave the way for us........thank you for stopping by.........Rick

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Broken Clouds
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