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What did Tebow do now?

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.....I guess Tim Tebow has been catching some flack for his antics during the Espys.....I watchted the Espys and to be honest I cant quite recall exactly what it was he did....I mean I remember him presenting an award......and I seem to recall he was involved with some kind of skit....I just don't remember the exact details of it all....I am by no means a Tim Tebow fan....If he were a Dallas Cowboy i would be....but he isn't so I am not.....On the other hand I have absolutely nothing against the guy.....what exactly did he do that has so many people in an uproar about him?....So many people just hate him and I have yet to figure out exactly why.....a skit on the Espys???? It's a skit....meant for entertainment nothing see that kind of thing all the time, yet when Tebow does it the world comes to a screeching halt and people start screaming for some reason.....Is it because he makes no bones about his religious belief structure and proudly wears it on his sleeve?.....Why is that such a bad thing? he prays.......Is that really such a bad thing? look up to professional athletes with admiration and respect....and whether Charles Barkley likes it or not, pro athtletes are role models to some degree no doubt about it.....I would much rather have to explain to my 7 year old why it is that Tim Tebow compared to why it is that someone chooses to drive drunk.....assault illegal drugs.....or any variety of other things that are much worse than.....praying.   I by no means am the most religious person's not like I am in church every Sunday lord knows.....but as far as I am concerned if Tim Tebow wishes to express/say a few things to the big guy while on the field.....more power to him.....I mean why on Earth would that bother me?....We all have a right to our own beliefs right?...I have heard people say...."well he is pushing his views on everyone".....really?...He didn't ask the media to make a collosal event out of him saying prayers before games......he didn't go to ESPN...CBS....NBC...ABC....etc etc and say to them....."hey I would love it if you all shot as much footage of me doing anything but playing football".......yes he does speak at churches in his spare time.....but he doesn't force people to attend when he does.....he doesn't put a gun to anyones head and make them come see him.....those that choose to go see him do so of their own freewill....anyways other than that I do hope you are having a great Monday and I do hope to see you soon!           Rick

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