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Beware! it is Friday the 13th!!

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...Have you ever wondered how Friday the 13th became (at least in Western folklore) a day that many consider strange...unlucky...or perhaps even spooky?.....There are several prominent theories regarding it....for example, in numerology the number 12 is considered the number of completeness.....hence 12 months per year....12 hours of the clock...12 gods of Olympus....12 tribes of Israel....12 apostles...etc etc......whereas the number 13 is considered to be irregular....a transgression so to speak, of this completeness.....some claim this goes all the way back to the last supper in that having 13 people at a table is bad luck and will result in the doom of one of the 13 people...the concept of Friday being an unlucky day traces it's roots back to the 14th century when many believed Friday was a bad day to begin a journey or trek.....there is even a connection between Friday the 13th and the Knights Templar.......whatever the case may be.......welcome to Friday the 13th and God Speed!!!          Rick

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