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Have you ever just "bumped" into a celebrity?

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....A friend and I were talking just the other day about famous people we have ran into during the course of our daily lives......don't get me wrong it's not as if I hang out with major celebs on a daily basis.....far from it as a matter of fact lol.....but it did remind me of one time years ago when something completely unexpected occurred and I for one will never forget it...I was living in Kansas City at the time.....this had to be around 2000 or so...i would frequent a pub called "the Quaff" is located on 10th and Broadway in KC...I still go there to this day whenever I am in Kansas City....I stopped by there after work one Friday was 12:30 or so and the place was packed....some friends of mine were already there and were sitting in a booth waiting for me...i joined them....ordered a Bud Light.....and settled into the booth....5 min later i feel this tap on my shoulder and i look up...this dude dressed in a trench coat with a stocking cap on....unshaven for several days it appeared.....almost looked homeless i swear....says to me...".mind if i join you guys.?...there's no other seats open."....I thought what the hell the more the merrier and i slid over so he could grab a seat......for the next hour we all had a few beers.....chatted about everything under the sun....sports.....girls.......the usual stuff guys will talk about over a beer.....then out of the blue it hit me like a ton of bricks.....this dude looked really had been bothering me since he sat down.....i just couldnt place it........but when I finally did it hit me like a truck.....Keanu Reeves had joined us for a beer and we had been chatting with him all night....he was in town because he had a band and they had just finished a gig about two blocks away....apparently he decided to just walk downtown and go into the first bar he saw open.....I was doing shots with Neo....definitely not something that happens every day .... no one else there recognized him and we all kept it under our hats out of respect for his privacy.....just goes to show you never know who you may run into at any given time!!!   thanks for stopping by.......Rick




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