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Something HUGE happened on this day!

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.....July 2nd..........most of us of course are very familiar with what happened on July 4th 1776.....America let the British know she would not be ruled/governed/instructed by anyone or anything.....and hence forth declared a result July 4th has become a date that is permanently ingrained within the mind frame of all it should be.....however do you know what occured on July 2nd, 1964?......something that also inpmactfully shaped this nation....something that was long overdue....something that as a nation we can be proud of.....on July 2nd 1964, Lyndon Johnson, the 36th President of the United States of America, signed into law the Civil Rights historic piece of legislation that outlawed major forms of also ended racial segregation in schools....the bill was initiated by President Kennedy...signed into law by Johnson....To me it is things of this nature that make me proud to be an is things like this that make this country great....thank you for stopping by as always......Rick


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