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The 2012 Olympic Games are Almost Here!!

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....Being a huge sports fan it is only natural for me to get excited about the Olympic Games 2012....they will begin In London during the last week of July.....I guess it's not as much the actual games as it is the stories behind the athletes that I find incredible....for example the ten year old boy who literally learned to swim on his back because he was afraid to put his head under water...he was ridiculed relentlessly as a child because of it......we know him as Michael Phelps....I would think he is getting the last laugh now......there are so many of these types of stories behind so many athletes involved in the Olympic Games.....I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of the athletes worldwide who make it to the Olympic Games.....simply getting there is such a HUGE accomplishment.....the endless training....the discipline it takes...they have to live eat and breathe what they are doing....24 hrs a day....for years and years at a time...and even then there are those that do so and still don't make the cut.......the dedication these athletes have to their craft is nothing short of hat is off to each and every one of them.....and I look forward to seeing them compete in about 3 weeks !!!    thanks for stopping by        Rick


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