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Who will be the next college football champs?

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....Perhaps you already are aware of this....then again maybe you aren't.....The NCAA has approved a college football playoff format to determine the national champions (FINALLY!) will go into effect in 2014....I don't know all of the specifics but I do know it involved a 4 team playoff...basiclally the top 4 teams will end up competing for the national title....I like this idea primarily because of the obvious.....It will eliminate the what ifs and the will give the Boise States of the world so to speak the oppurtunity to prove themselves worthy of a national compared to going unbeaten and not getting a shot......and of course the flip side is that it will give the perrenial contenders (the Alabama's....Oklahomas.....LSU's...etc) a chance to prove to the world they really can beat anyone......I am a HUGE fan of the traditional college football bowls and never wanna see those go away......which is yet another reason i like the 4 team doing so they will easily be able to keep the current bowl system, in tact....I am nothing short of excited about the new format and can not wait till they get it under way!     Hope to see you out and about soon.......Rick


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