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....A recent top ten list was released after numerous scientists/animal experts where polled and this is what it consists of:                " The Top Ten Deadliest Animals in the World"..... here we go!

10)....The African Bush is the largest animal on Earth and has zero natural predators (man does not count as natural)'s brain averages 11 pounds....the bulls have been known to charge right through 2 direct hits from a .460 Weatherby Magnum and actually trample the hunter to death.

9)...The African Lion....a full grown male can weigh up to 550 pounds and charge at 50 mph... Lions have even been known to use their claws to slash the tires of jeeps in order to immobilize them.

8)...Sea Wasp Box Jellyfish....can weigh up to 4 and 1/2 pounds with a bell the size of a basketball...their venom is capable of stopping your heart within 3 minutes.

7)...Inland Taipan snake....injects and average of 44 milligrams of venom per bite...and will bite it's victims an everage of 8 times in order to speed up the process...a bite on the calf will drop a 200 pound human in mere seconds.

6)...Humans.....the only animal ever known to be capable of revenge, hatred, or even sadism...also the only animal ever known to kill for any reason.

5)...the mosquito....possibly responsible for more deaths in history of man than any other macroscopic animal...they transmit many fatal diseases to humans and livestock...they also transmit many viruses that can be fatal as well.

4)...The Shark.....the only natural predators sharks have would be other sharks....they can smell blood  from 5 miles away....with a single bite they are capable fo tearing off 31 pounds of flesh.

3)...Cape Buffalo......they are known as the most dangerous game animal on Earth....have been known to continue to charge even after absorbing a bullet to the heart.....they are responsible for the trampling and goring deaths of over 200 people a year.

2)...Clostridium Botulinum.....aka the most toxic animal on teaspoon of this bacterium could kill every human being in the United States....about 9 pounds would kill every human's spores are difficult to kill....being known to survive even boiling water for ten minutes.

1)Siafu Ants.....aka driver ants....safari ants......they average about an inch long...with some of the males as long as two inches....they have mandibles strong enough to cut through rhinocerous hide...they have been known to even bring down elephants.

There you have it! Now you know what to avoid when in the wild! thanks for stopping by   Rick




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