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....I realize that we have yet to even really begin with the 2012 Presidential election yet I am already tired of the hype that surrounds it....the constant grandstanding on both sides....I once asked Willie Nelson (seriously I ran into him in Minnesota back in 2001 or so) whether or not he liked the President (Bush i believe at the time).....his answer was....."well i certainly wouldn't want his job.".......and quite frankly nor would I.....I mean think about matter which side of the fence you stood matter which side of the argument you took......there willl be a large coningency who simply and strongly dis like you for your decision.....I am not a believer in "no win" scenarios....but I gotta think being the leader of the free world certainly would have major drawbacks....I can not imagine what it must be like to go to work every day knowing the kind of task that lie before you as President.....regardless of who is in office....dem or republican.....I have to feel for them.....just look at how that job ages those that have it....Obama looks at least ten years older than he did 3 years's not that I necessarily hate politics.....I realize they are a  necessary evil.....It's just that when it comes to the posititon of President.....I think I am with Willie.....thanks for stopping by..........................Rick


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