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What Scares You Most?

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...It was on this day (June 19) 1975 that Jaws was released....Jaws was the very first full length movie I ever saw.....I didn't see it till like a year after it's release......My dad took us kids to the drive in to see it and I do recall sitting in a lawn chair with my popcorn and soda......scared to death!!! this day sharks scare the hell outta me!!! (that and clowns....but that's another blog)....there was just something about the way they shot that film.....even today I still find it eerie as all get out....I realize of course it lacks the effects and the visual candy that alot of today's films offer....but it is still one of the scariest films I have ever watched.........I STILL will not swim in the ocean because of it!    anyways I hope you are having a great day!   Rick

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