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....Welcome to Thursday!!!....lot's of things happening over the next few days...I will be broadcasting live at Mcdonalds (Kellogg and Dugan) from 11am to 1pm today....customer appreciation day in concurrance with flag a quarter pounder or big mac at regular price and get the second for only 14 cents!!!!....will be at Bourbon Street tomorrow night......Rusty Eck on Saturday....Is it me or does it seem as though there is this "America is on the decline" vibe lately....maybe it's due to the fact this is an election year.....who knows....I just know that there is still NO other country in the world I would wanna live in.....of course we are far from perfect and have our faults....who doesn't.....but we are still the best country in the world bar none.....all one has to do is simply check out what is going on in other parts of this world and it becomes extremely clear..there are governments in this world that would not even allow me to post daily blogs.....let alone enjoy basic freedoms we have here.....there are governments that imprison their citizens for no legitimate reasons...and so so with absolutely no trial whatsoever....there are governments in this world that have absolutely no concern about their own is flat out scary......I for one am thankful beyond belief to live here.......and again would live no where else.....thank you for stopping by!      Rick.

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