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....well kind of!.....I just (as in just i mean like within the last 5 minutes) went on the air and asked listeners such as yourself what it is that I should blog about today......i basically said the first person who can text me with a blog topic gets to dictate whatever subject matter I blog about today.....therefore the topic you chose for me to blog about is........ARE REALITY SHOWS FAKE?....I would have to first off say that I have no idea to be if I were to guess I would venture to say that it's probably a little of both.....there are some that are definitely legit....and then there are some that are anything but.....It would not suprise me if the majority of them had at least some pre planned element involved....I mean you have to realize that first and foremost these shows are designed with the idea of making a profit and I would have to believe it's not unheard of for producers to do what they have to do to the reality show scripts in order to achieve that goal..... however I also admit that I have no way of truly knowing either in a sense your guess is a good as mine!    thanks for stopping by as always!     Rick

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