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Pro Wrestling Apitomizes America!!!!

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...I love pro wrestling and am not at all ashamed to admit it...WWE is truly the "greatest show on Earth".....and I mean that with absolutely no offense whatsoever to Ringling Brothers.....I guess what i like most about it is the carnival like atmosphere it brings...the "anything can and usualy does happen" mentality......yes I am well aware of the fact that the matches are pre determined and the moves are mostly staged.....but I don't care and that is the real beauty of is by far entertaining enough and just insane enough to make me not care about that....if that makes any sense at me it represents what America is and hopefully always will's a realm in which nothing is impossible and where one who puts their mind to it can accomplish's a place where being the underdog is not even remotely a bad thing....and it's a place where starting over is not a death sentance but rather a challenge.....Yes I will gladly watch the 3 hour special edition of WWE Raw tonight......and enjoy every second of it!    thank you for stopping by as always ..... Rick


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