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....wassuppppppp! I hope you are having an outstanding Thursday.......just 24 hours till the BIGGEST show of the summer!!!!! Nickelback/Seether/Bush/My Darkest Days......IT IS GONNA BE OFF DA HOOOOOOOOK!.....Party on the Plaza starts at 4pm with Barrelbright......hope to see you there!....Axl Rose get's his jewelry back after an attempted (alleged) heist....I am probably one of the very very few people on planet earch who actually defends Axl to some degree....I mean don't get me wrong....I get the fact that he comes off as a total diva....I get the fact that it is irritating at best when he decides to take the stage at 10 instead of 7......I get the fact that it is childish and flat out stupid that he can not seem to put his differences aside and co exist with Slash long enough to attend a hall of fame induction or even actually re unite for just one night.....I get all of that and I totally understand why he rubs people the wrong way as a result....I guess the only reason I half way defend him is because .... well....there was a time when rock stars were SUPPOSED to be that way.....we expected it....applauded it.....encouraged it....and lived vicariously through it.....maybe Axl is kind of a throwback to the days when rock stars just didn't give a rat's *ss....when they actually took pride in flipping the bird to the man and rebelling against the norm......some times I do think that's what rock seems to miss now.....I mean I absolutely looooooove the rock format......I am thankful as all get out that I get to be exposed to it daily......but I do sometimes think that just maybe.......and I realize this sounds insane....but just maybe a little more Axl is what rock needs right now.........thanks for stopping by!!!!     Rick

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