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....When I started in this business I was all of 15 years old and could barely see over the control board.....believe it or not I actually cued up records on occasion......when is the last time you saw someone do that??..I started at a news/talk station in Great Bend was news talk on one side and country on the first job in radio involved me basically doing 2 minute news breaks and 1 minute psa/weather breaks a couple of times an hour......not long into it I received a call from a program director in Hoisington Ks at KHOK (a CHR top forty station at the time)....he had heard one of my breaks while in his car one Sunday morning and for whatever reasons liked what I did.....he asked me if I would be interested in doing overnights (back then they actually had live over night radio) at KHOK on the weekends .... basically midnight to 6 friday and sat nights....I was thrilled to death at the oppurtunity and within a couple weeks I was developing my craft on the overnight shift sat and sun mornings from midnight to six....I was all of 16 and doing overnights on a top forty station on the weekends and I couldn't have been more excited about it....sure I missed alot of weekend events throughout my high school days but you could not have dragged me out of that me there was nothing like managing a gigantic stack of cds....carts.....and a reel to reel recorder for phones in the middle of the night......creating magic so to speak between songs and in breaks.....I flew by the seat of my pants and didnt always land softly....but that's what getting your  chops is all about....Radio has evolved and definitely changed since then...the technology we have today is nothing short of incredible compared to back then...but I do have to admit....sometimes late at  night...when the moon is bright and the stars are shining bright as well...a piece of me misses those days of having to create magic at the drop of a hat so to speak...those were fun days...and nights.......hope to see you out and about soon!    Rick.


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