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There is No Better Format

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..There simply is no better musical format than rock.....PERIOD.....nothing speaks to me....gets inside of me and screams at me....takes ahold of me and forces me to find myself somewhere else completely if even for only a few minutes......there is absolutely NOTHING...and I absolutely mean nothing...that compares to hearing the right song at the right moment.....nothing even comes close......what makes rock so much better than other formats is it's ability to constantly re invent;'s stubborn and habitual bending and breaking of the's unrivaled knack for  refusing to buckle in it's belief structure and it's take or leave it's irrisistable habit of not only defying norms and often pop culture, but creating it's own.....I often wonder if people like Elvis.....Bill Haley,....Chuck Berry....etc....knew that even way back be honest with you I would have to say they absolutely did.              Thanks for stopping by   ...... Rick



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