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Axl Rose.....weekend

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.....wassup!!!!!! Lots of things happening this weekend......Axl Rose turns down the bid to go into the hall of fame??.....that's interesting lol.....I am not going to jump all over him and dog him out for a decision that is his to make.......I don't understand it in the least....but who am I to judge?....I mean I am sure that in his mind he has his reasons......and whether or not they are sensible or righteous reasons it's not for me to's his decision and his only....the rest of GNR will be inducted so it's not like it really effects them either way.......will be at Bourbon Street tomorrow night and Pleasures on Satureday!.....and comming very soon on T95.....your chance to stuff your pockets with cash money!!!!!!    hope to see you out and about soon          Rick

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