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Opening Day....Opening Day....Opening Day!!!!!!!!

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.....we are so close to it I can already hear the sounds of the ballpark!!!!.....this weekend MLB will kick off another historic season of the greatest sport God ever gave us!!!!.....(Go Yankeees!!!!).... there is no sport that has it's tradition......none......Oh what I would not give to be at Yankee Stadium on opening day....or for that matter Wrigley.....or even Fenway......just to be at an MLB park this weekend would be heaven!!!!!...I will be journeying up to KC in just a couple weeks to catch some games at the K......and believe me I can not wait......I always go way early so I can catch batting practice.....I never will forget last year when I went to the K to see my Yankees play in mid August or so......of course I went in early and pressed my mug up against the screen to get as close as I could so I could soak it all in....and I never will forget what I got to see that night.....(and these are the types of things that make baseball great)....I was right behind the Yankee dugout and was watching batting practice when all of a sudden outta nowhere Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Mariano Rivera rolled up outta the dugout and were standing not even ten feet from me.....they stood there chatting......A Rod was taking some warm up swings.....Jeter and Rivera were standing in kind of a semi circle just shooting the breeze and every few seconds or so between swings A Rod would join in.....they stood there for 4 or 5 minutes or so....just like 3 guys on any softball/baseball field in America.....and I remember thinking to myself what an outstanding moment in time to witness....I mean 3 first ballot hall of famers just hanging out before the first pitch....I can remember recalling that one thing i would so look forward to when i got older would be telling my grand kids this story......I remember my father once telling me about going to see Mickey Mantle play when my dad was just a kid....and how in awe he was just watching Mantle warm up in the on deck circle......and I recall how when i was a kid i would make my dad tell me that story over and over........well I now know how he felt..........BASEBALL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!         Rick

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