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NCAA Basketball!!!!!

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.....we are just days away from the madness!!!!! I love the NCAA tournament for a variety of reasons....first off it's just plain fun to watch...period.....and it apitomizes the never say die outlook of an underdog...there is always at least one sometimes several amazing underdog stories that develop with this tourny......a cinderella who refuses to listen to those who say she can't.....there are very few things better in sports than watching someone who wasn't supposed to be there to begin with....someone who brings the "rocky" element to the table......someone who has heard all the critics and all the reasons as to why they have no chance and yet pays no attention to the nay sayers as they compete with all they have and then some.....emptying their buckets so to speak and upsetting someone who was supposedly a much better team.....very few things in the world of sports can compete with that.....and as usual with this tournament set to begin in just a couple days or is bound to happen.......the human spirit rocks!      thank you for stopping by.....Rick

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