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.....Today marks one year to the day my father passed away.....and to be honest it stings now just as bad as it did then....if not worse.....My dad taught me things about life that i will carry with me as long as i live.....he taught me that winners and losers are not determined by a scoreboard....they are determined by the effort put forth and the conduct on the field of play.....he taught me that no one lives life mistake free and that quite often mistakes are our greatest teachers.....he taught me that it's not possessions that make the man.....the things that do make us are not for sale.....he taught me that there is nothing I couldn't accomplish if I put my mind to it.....he taught me that doing a job means doing it right......he taught me that instead of judging someone i should first consider walking in their shoes even if just for a bit.......God I miss him.....thank you for stopping by!      Rick

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