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Tim Tebow

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....I have never been a Broncos fan and to be honest can't see myself ever being one....I will admit, however, I am definitely a Tim Tebow fan.......and I am so not because of the fact he has a habit of defying the odds.....doing what they said couldn't be done....getting drafted in the first round AFTER every "expert" commentator swore up and down he would be lucky to be taken in the 3d.....starting at QB for the Denver Broncos AFTER the same "experts" were beyond convinced that he does not have the tools to play QB in the NFL......etc etc......(don't get me wrong, those are outstanding reasons to be a fan of his...but not the ones I chose)......I became a fan of Tim Tebow's because of what he does off the field....Tim Tebow will select someone who is having a tough go of things....someone who perhaps is fighting off a terminal illness.....maybe a 7 year old who has had to endure 40 plus surgical procedures.....maybe a 60 yr old who is dying of cancer.....maybe a military vet who lost a leg or an arm or both.....he will take this person under his wing and make them his guest for the day.....he flies them or has them driven to the stadium on game day...he then spends his entire pre game ritual with them.....he places them in seats on the 30 yard line for the game....he then bypasses press people directly after the game so he can spend no less than an hour with them just chatting about anything and everything....he then walks them to their car and says his goodbyes to listen to this..........HE DOES THIS AT EVERY GAME......EVERY......HOME OR AWAY.....he once said that he is not an inspiration for these people at is they that inspire you can say what you want about Tim Tebow....but as far as I am concerned he is what is right about professional athletics.....I can only imagine how much better a world we would live in if this kind of thing wasn't a rarity.....and not to sound sappy or anything of that nature....but simply reading about the extent he goes to for that type of a cause has definitely inspired me to wanna do what I can do to help as well....even if it is the slightest thing,,,,anyways thank you for stopping by as always!!!!!         Rick

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