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...Will be shooting our next webisode of 2 Guys Talking Sports within the next 24 hours live at Pleasures!.....we also have the inside track on some 2 Guys T shirts comming soon!!!!...speaking of which HUGE weekend in the National Football League....usually it is about this time if not a bit earlier that I go ahead and make my Superbowl pick......and this year I am going to have to go with....the New Orleans Saints.......a month ago I would have leaned heavily towards Green Bay repeating.......I just have a gut hunch so to speak about the Saints.....they are playing with more chemistry than I have seen from them all year and they simply keep getting better.....Brees is having a huge year as well......who goes from the AFC?.....I would have to lean towards New a hair over Baltimore simply due to huge game experience at the QB position.......who knows maybe I am way out in left field lol.....time will tell.......thank you much for checking in!    Rick

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