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...I kind of had a feeling yesterday that the big meeting at Boeing was not going to be a fun or happy meeting so to speak....but the ramifications of what occured didn't really sink into me until I actually read about it and saw it on the heart goes out to all those directly and indirectly affected....Boeing has been in intricate part of Wichita and surrounding communities for many years and to see them leave simply makes me sad to say the least....We all know someone who is directly affected by this....either someone who works there or we even have relatives that work there as well.....the only good news that came out of this at all....if you can call it that they will at least be here for the next 18-24 months.....not really that long when you think about it....but at least it is a better option for us than them just leaving abruptly.....anyways thank you as always for checking in.................Rick

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