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.....NBA players union have rejected latest offer from owners......which basically means they are on the verge of disbanding the union and simply not playing this season......I don't know which side to take simply because I am quite sure it is much more complex than what meets the eye.....I mean don't get me wrong....we all know this is primarily about one thing and one thing I am also sure there are other things at play as well.....I am not even an NBA fan for the most part.....I do like the playoffs and the atmosphere they bring but as far as regular season goes I have to admit I rarely watch.....That being said I still think it is incredibly sad and beyond uncaring on the parts of both sides......the only one truly being hurt is the fan.....the NBA is a multi billion dollar a year business......there is enough to go around......I certainly hope that professional basketball does  not come to an end here due to nothing more than greed.......i mean how much is enough for crying out loud.....welcome to Monday and I do hope you are having a good one......the weekend always seems to go by way to fast!!!!!.........Rick

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