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....I, much like people across the country, watched the coverage of Joe Paterno's firing last night on ESPN...I watched as they were showing some of the reactions on campus at Penn State and I also caught the coverage of Paterno himself when he came out of his house momentarily to say a few words.....First off let me say that I firmly believe Joe Paterno is a flat out good guy....who made a bad decision......Paterno has a track record of being a stand up guy who truly cared about the kids he coached......he lives eats and breathes Penn State.....he IS Penn State......which is exactly why I have to say that even though I have a tremendous amount of respect for him because of his accomplishments as a head coach, mentor, and father figure for so many,....He absolutely should have done more than  he did.....when someone came to him and informed him of what they percieved to be happening, he absolutely 100 percent should have taken EVERY measure at his disposal to see that these charges where properly investigated by the appropriate authorities....period...end of's not a matter of whether or not he himself believed these charges were accurate.....they were extremely serious charges and I find it unbelievable and to be  honest unexcuseable that he simply passed the buck and walked away.....YOU SIMPLY CAN NOT DO THAT.....and he had to know is sad that his legacy will be forever tainted now to some degree as a result....but what is hundreds if not thousands of times more sad is the fact this could have been stopped and it wasn't......and to me the legacy of Penn State football and Joe Paterno is not nearly as important as it is for us to realize and recognize the fact that this could have been stopped had the right measures been taken.....if there is anything at all positive that can come out of any of this I would hope that it's the fact that from this point on there will be less looking the other way and more doing what is right.......anyways thank you as always for stopping by!...........Rick

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