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Monday Night Football!

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.....What a game last night!!!!....As a diehard Cowboys fan I have to tell you....I can not take many more of those!!!...Has Tony Romo finally silenced his critics????.....not entirely......I mean let's face it he still has yet to make a deep playoff run and he has yet to "win the big one"....but he has definitely shown gutsy determination and a never give up attitude which has won over his locker room.....when you are a QB in the NFL one thing you absolutely have to have above and beyond anything else is the confindence of your teamates.....the critics...the fans....the press....all of that combined pales  in comparison to what it means when the guys that take the field with you on Sunday have faith in in the fact that no matter what occurs you will not turn your back on will fight to the bitter end reguardless of the odds/ will sweat and bleed for them and if  you have to play through an injury you do so without hesitation....getting their respect is incredibly difficult and entirely an uphill fight.....but once you have it.....they will empty their buckets for you....they will play above and beyond their abilities for you...has Tony Romo got there yet?....time will tell....but I can tell you that last night he took a step in that direction.........Rick

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