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Heather Penney

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......I just read an incredible story....or should I say I read Heather Penney's incredible story.....Heather was a female fighter pilot in the U.S. Airforce on the morning of Sept 11 2001.  When the World Trade Centers came under attack, Heather recieved direct orders which were basically something of this extent:  Take down U.S. flight 93. .... upon receiving these orders Heather immediately climbed aboard her F15 and started to taxi down the runway while adjusting her cooridinates in order to catch flight 93 (which was a full sized passenger jet that was headed straight for Washington DC) was at this point that Heather did something that deserves recognition to say the least.......her F15 was completely un weaponry whatsoever...the attack had come so out of the blue and unexpected...Heather, without hesitation, upon realizing that there simply was no time to arm her aircraft, decided that she was not going to come back....she said a couple of quick prayers....and took off...with the full intention of intercepting Flight 93 and sacraficing her own life in order to stop it turned out U.S. 93 crashed before she could get there.....but she didn't know that when she made her decision.....Lieutenant Heather Penney, at the drop of a hat, made a decision to stop that flight at any cost.....and for that I will always respect her....she only recently told her story...ten years after it occurred....which makes me realize she was not after recognition or congratulations.....but I can assure you that if I were ever to meet her I would shake her hand and tell her......THANK YOU.                  Rick


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