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....We just finished up shooting the initial episodes of 2 Guys Talking Sports and it went great! Big Will and I have been piecing this project fogether for a while and it's finally starting to come into fruition.....check it out at on my videos link!!.....and thank you much to Fat Tonys (home of the 5 pound burger!) for letting us shoot there....try their Pizza it is off da hook! (they are located at 417 East Douglas).....It was heartbreaking to watch....but I am still beyond proud of our U.S. women's soccer team.....they made it all the way to the World Cup final......and they played their hearts out....John Madden used to say he looked for players that will "empty their bucket"......those women empited their buckets....refilled...and emptied i said....I am proud of em.....thank you as always for checking in!                              Rick

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