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...what a weekend!....the Plunge was outstanding and congratulations to our returning champions!...was at the poker run earlier during the day on saturday....was awesome to see those of you who turned out for it!.....How bout them Mavs?....I have to admit.....I did enjoy seeing Lebron lose.....and I know I'm not the only one!....I have nothing personally whatsoever against Lebron James....I have never even so much as met him so therefore how could I?....and I do respect his abilities as an athlete....It is no question whatsoever that he is one of the best all around players in the NBA.....period....his numbers speak rather loudly.....I guess the reason I found some satisfaction in seeing the Heat lose last night is merely because I wasn't overly fond of how Lebron and other Heat members had used words like dynasty before the season even began.....or how they decided to mock Dirk Nowitzki's illness prior to one of the championship series games (the irony is that even while sick Dirk still put a whoopin on them)...and I can honestly say I was not a huge fan of how Lebron decided to leave Cleveland.....I have nothing at all against an athlete saying I wanna play somewhere else....not happy here..etc etc.....but do you really feel the need to go on ESPN for an hour just so you can basically stick it to Cleveland and their fans?....I guess I just felt there was a much better way to handle the entire situation.......but hey...maybe Lebron and the Heat learn and take something positive away from this year and bounce back stronger and better next year....and I honestly think that Lebron is a good guy....I think he has a good heart and I think that he will grow in a positve way as a result of this experience.....Thank you as always for stopping by!                          Rick

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