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Late last night

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....I have said it countless times on this blog.....time and time again.....I love baseball....there simply isn't a better way to spend an afternoon than at the ballpark....period....which brings me to late last night....I found myself fighting insomnia at around 1am last night...nothing new considering I have always been a full fledged night owl....anyways i was scanning through the channels when I ran across Field Of Dreams which was just starting on one of the movie channels....of course I have seen this film several i said...I am a HUGE fan of the worlds greatest recreation,,,.however it had been literally years and years since I had seen it....and I have to tell you....what a treat it was to watch.....I had forgotten how good of a movie it really is....they simply do not make them like that any more....I don't think they ever will.....there is something just pure and incredibly right about that movie....I don't know how to explain me it's the greatest movie about our national past time ever made.....and that is with all due respect to The Natural.....Field Of Dreams takes you to that place that only you are aware exists inside of all of us is part of our blueprint....and the only word I can think of to do it justice is......magic.  Thank you for stopping by as always                    Rick

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