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the little things

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....sometimes I can't help but notice that it truly is the little things in life that seem to bring me the most joy.....and I think to some extent that is true for most people in general.....and obviously the list of little things in life that bring forth a smile or two varies from person to person...depending on individual blueprints so to me it's stuff like Happy Days reruns at 3am when I can't sleep....hearing a song that I haven't heard in literally years.....the smell of fresh cut dog waking my up in the morning by laying on my head.....getting in my car on a day off and just driving with absolutely no destination in mind........towns that are small enough to have a restaurant, bar, and post office in the same building as well as an 8 man football team that hasn't lost 3 games in 5 years.....the little things rock....period........anyways thank you for checking in..........Rick

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