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Bin Laden

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....there are a few,,,,a select very few events that will occur in everyone's life that will leave an imprint deep enough to make a life long lasting impression...the birth of a child.....the Berlin wall falling....Sept that when thought of, everyone knows exactly what they were doing when they heard the news......I was on fb last night when I saw someone post something about Bin Laden being dead....I didn't know whether or not it was true at I immediately turned on CNN.....and watched history unfold as our President came on live to tell the world that yes indeed, the world's most wanted man was dead.....I felt a sense of relief...combined with joy.....and to some extent sadness as the memories of Sept 11 came flooding in as well....I sincerely feel the world is a better place now....and i am happy for those who lost friends/family on Sept 11....they can finally get some kind of closure so to speak....i don't know that they will ever totally heal....but at least it's something.....anyways thank you as always for checking in    RIck

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