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....I was watching some History Channel over the weekend (I know...I'm a nerd)....they were showing some colorized footage of the final days of WW2....D day....and some of what occured shortly after.....I have nothing but the utmost of respect for our veterans....our men and women who have served....and who are serving I sat there and watched the D day footage I was simply in awe....these soldiers landing on the beach.....and charging full force directly at heavily fortified positions....doing so simply because it had to be done....sacraficing their lives and well being for just that had to be the name of humanity it had to be done....pure and simple.....we will never be able to fully repay them....there is just not enough that can be every sense of the word.....they answered the call....and did so without doubt most experienced fear and anxiety....who wouldn't???   but did that stop them from answering the call?? NO.....and for that I can honestly say that I will never forget what they did for this country....I will never forget what any of our and women...have done for this country....and I will never forget what current members of our armed forces continue to do for us at this very second....I will never under any circumstances take them for's not about politics or any of that b.s.'s about the fact that when the wolves start knocking on the door....we can still sleep at night because of our service men and women.......anyways thank you so much for checking in as always!    Rick

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