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....I finally saw the movie 127 Hours the other day....just in case you didn't already know it's the true story of Aaron Ralston....the hiker who accidentally (obviously) got his right arm trapped underneath a boulder while hiking in Utah....he was miles from nowhere and had no cel service and no one anywhere near him to help him....unable to free himself he was trapped for a period of no less than 5 days.....being the experienced outdoorsman that he was, he unfortunately had deemed it as unnecessary to inform anyone as to his whereabouts......realizing that odds were  very slim that anyone would find him anytime soon,  and out of supplies, he decided there was only one thing he could do if he wished to live.....he cut his right harm off just below the elbow....with a pocket knife.....applied a tourniquet....and walked several miles until he ran into some tourists who called for of the park rangers who was first on scene claimed he had never ran into anyone who was that determined to live....which brings me to my question for you.......If you were in the same predicament.......could you do what he did?.....I would like to say that if it came down to life and death I could....but honestly.....I can't say for sure considering I have never been in that situation....anyways  it  is a good film and if you get time I certainly recomend it......thank you as always for checking in!                       Rick

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