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April Fools

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....what would you say is the greatest prank you ever pulled on someone?  or greatest prank you ever pulled on an entire group of people?......April fools is almost here!!!!...the tough thing about pranking people on April 1st though is that they are always on the lookout for it then!....(Don't worry.....believe me I will still put forth the old college effort!).....Nothing,,,and i mean a well executed prank!!!...even if I am the victim I will be the first to applaud if its a good that requires a fair amount of effort on behalf of the that definitely shows off the prankster's moxy and intellect is always good too......not that there is anything wrong with the classic and simple pranks that always seem to bring forth laughter and confusion at the same time!.....anyways thank  you as always for checking in!                              Rick

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