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Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd Experience tonight at the Cotillion!...Pink Floyd is one of those bands that I never got to go see live.....and it kills me!!!!   I love Pink Floyd.....very rarely if ever does a band come along that really.....really.....really hits something deep inside of me......don't get me wrong by any means.....there are a ton of bands who i can and often do listen to as often as possible because I absolutely love their work....(Alice In Chains/Seether/Shinedown/Stone Sour/many more too numerous to mention)....but Pink Floyd simply takes things to a level very few do for me....Its almost as if whenever i listen to them they sort of like just,,,I don't know how to explain....they just become a part of whatever it is i am going through....if that makes any sense at I said...other bands do that as well,,,,but not like Pink Floyd does......I so wish I would have had the chance to see them!!!!!!   anyways thank you as always for checking in!!!      RIck

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