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One of the most important lessons in life I ever learned was taught to me by Todd Conklin....he was my IPC (Innerpersonal communications) instructor my freshman year of college.....I will never forget it....the first day of class he walked in without saying a word and wrote F   U     (only spelled out) in huge all caps on the chalk board.....he then turned around and pointed at me and said.....what do you think of that?.....I said something to the extent of it not being expected and rather rude to say the least......He then proceeded to ask several other students and got basically the same which point he said.......these are just words....nothing is we who apply the meaning to them and it is up to us to determine the depth of that meaning based upon how we individually perceive their other's not the words themselves that determine their true's how you say them......if you hold a puppy in your lap and softley pet him and whisper those same to words soothingly to him over and over he will respond positively....yet if you scream at the top of your lungs the words "you are the greatest dog alive!!!!" over and over he will respond in a negative and frightened way.........they are just words........I will never forget that day.        Thank you as always for checking in!                  Rick

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