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....Welcome to Thursday, March 10th, more day closer to the return of HBO's Entourage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....rumor has it this will be the last season of Entourage.....which makes sense....they are on their 7th season or so.....I am a huge fan of the show and will miss it tremendously when it's gone....but I also understand it being time for HBO to move thing that absolutely kills a great series like Entourage is keeping it around even one season longer than it should be......always go out on a high is what I always say!...Johnny Drama to me is one of the greatest tv characters ever created.....everything about what Kevin Dillon does with that character is nothing short of hysterical.....I mean who doesn't know someone who just takes themselves way too seriously?....and of course the fact that Entourage is oozing with hot...and i mean HOT chicks every week certainly doesnt harm it's case to be the best thirty min of tv!...any ways thank you for checking in as always.....and as Johnny Drama would say....."Victoryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!"          Rick

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