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.....In just two days....unless something completely unpredictable occurs (which is not completely out of the never know)..there will be a work stoppage in the National Football League.....seems rather harmless right now considering its only March and training camps at this poing aren't even close to being open...nor are we even close to opening day in the NFL....unfortunately, howver, it looks as though if it will be an extended stoppage that will not be over any time remotely soon....and the funny thing to me about all of this is simply that I have yet to totally figure out for sure what exactly both sides are in such a snit over.....don't get me is obviously about always is.....but at what point do both sides look themselves in the mirror and say.....HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? beloved sport of baseball went through a lockout in 1994 that ended up costing us the World Series.....and I honestly do not think baseball has fully recovered since...let's just hope that come opening day for the NFL in 2011 that the main source of noise in stadiums acroos America isn't crickets........thanks for checking in as always!     Rick

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Broken Clouds
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