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Charlie Sheen

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...You know what I like about Charlie Sheen?'s not his tendencies to go on three day binges....nor is it his affiliations with porn stars....nor is it necessarily his lavish parties that he loves to host/partake in......(not that these are necessarily bad things it's just that there have been many before him who have done all that and there will be many after...)'s his way of having no sense of apologetic mannerisms when attempting to answer for it....i mean most of the time when a Hollywood star goes off the deep end they end up in rehab...then they run i into the waiting arms of Oprah and pull the classic..."that wasn't the real me"...card........not Charlie....he goes quickly into the opposite direction......he basically hits it from the ..."yeah i'm bats^&t crazy and i live for a good party....but  hey....I am who I am".....angle......and that's what you gotta love about him....I mean even if you don't like any of his work....even if you think he is a complete have to admit the dude has some cajoneys.....thanks for checking in as always!!!   Rick

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