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..The first car I ever owned was a Mustang.....the first piece of music that I ever owned was ACDC Back in first grade teacher's name was Mrs Disney (i kid you not).....the first time I hit a baseball I was 7......(i hit it off the tee) first girlfriend's name was first radio gig consisted of me doing the weather and psa announcements on a country/news formatted station....i was 15......we always remember our firsts........and I recall vividly the first live show I attended.....My dad took me to see Johnny Cash...I was the time I knew little or nothing about the man in black....but even then.....even as young and naive as I was....I remember watching him perform and thinking to myself.....there is something very special and incredible about all this....there is something borderline mystical about it.....being only ten, I really couldn't exaclty pinpoint what it was....but I definitely knew i was seeing something I would never under any circumstances ever forget......thank you as always for checking in.......Rick


"Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money"    Johnny Cash

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