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Spring Training

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.....I can not wait for opening day!!!!! Have I ever mentioned that i LOVE baseball????? To me there are very few things on this planet that beat opening day......I don't really even care who is playing.....its opening daayyyyyyyy! I realize that we are still a couple months or so off of opening day........but I still cant wait!!!      I don't know how to explain it....we all have our vices so to speak....and to me baseball is one outstanding vice of mine! I will take a day at the ballpark over practically just has a way of transporting me away from all of the worlds problems etc....its a kind of magic so to speak,,,,those who are true fans of the worlds greatest past time know what i am talking about i am sure....anyways i do hope that you are having a great week,,thanks for checking in .....         RIck

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Wichita, KS

S at 15 mph
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