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Bobby Ritchie

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....I thought it was a very cool show.....I have seen Kid at least half a dozen times and Tuesday night's show was unlike any of his i had ever seen....Yeah...I know....his band couldnt get there till over half way through his set....he didnt get to do some of his classic anthems like Wasting Time and You Never Met.....but i seriously had to give him credit for making lemonade when he could have thrown in the towell and said lets do this some other time.....Jamie Johnson by the way is an incredible talent....he is destined for  BIG things.....People can say what they want about Bobby Ritchie....but I for one am a huge fan of his talent....not to mention his showmanship.....15 yrs ago when he first started to get a leg up all the nay sayers came running out of the woods and absolutely insisted he would be a flash in the pan....his fifteen minutes would soon end and he would be washed up within a few yrs.....23 million plus units moved and over a decade later guess what.....HE IS STILL HERE.......and whether you love him or you hate him or something in have no choice but to admit.....that is an acomplishment.....plain and simple.  Thanks for checking in!    Rick

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