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....You will not find a more loyal and trustworthy dog than a Boxer......period.......I have a three yr old male named Ozzie who is awesome!...I got my first Boxer about 7 yrs ago....I have never owned another breed since....Don't get me wrong....they definitely are not for everyone....just ask any Boxer owner.....but for those of us who they are i can not find a better dog,,,,Ozzie recently figured out how to open up my patio door with his front paws....i am not kidding....the thing about Boxers are that they are fiercely protective of those they consider their family....they are amazing with kids....I have never been around a breed that understands the concept of watching over small children like the Boxer does.....they are incredibly fun loving animals that simply refuse to ever totally grow up....and i wouldn't have them any other way!      Thank you for checking in.....RIck

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Wichita, KS

Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
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