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On Jan 12th 1926 the two man comedy series Sam n Henry debuted on WGN radio in Chicago....they would later change the name of the show to Amos n Andy......I can only imagine what radio was like back be able to travel back in time and actually witness one of these types of shows as it happened would be nothing short of incredible.....I guess i am kind of a nerd when it comes to history...especially the history of this carnival we call radio (and i do mean that in the most positive of ways).....I mean what those guys did back then......they were true pioneers....they did what had never been done and they often created it as it occurred....right off the cuff......I can only imagine what that must have been like!!!....they  had no editing capabilities.....they were every sense of the word......God what that must have been like flying by the seat of their pants.......its like Sidney Freedman once said (Major Freedman of MASH fame)........"Ladies and gentlemen take my advice....pull down your pants and slide on the ice" me there is a true beauty and undeniable truth in what they did...i mean think about matter what anyone does or says today......those guys did something that was revolutionary and no one.....and i mean no one....will ever take that from them.       Thank you for checking in!    Rick

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