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....Do you believe in things that go bump in the night?  Do you believe in ghosts....spirits.....things from the other side so to speak?....Honestly I used to really never believe in any of that but as of lately I dont know....I mean who am I to say its not possible?....just the other night I was woken by my dog barking loudly and was 3:45 am and Ozzie never....and I mean never...barks and growls aggresively unless something is happening.....which is what startled me....I mean he was going to town.....barking and growling with both ears stiff and straight back....he saw or sensed something....being half awake i just kinda stared over in the direction he was barking at...i was half out of it due to it being so late but i know that i was awake because i specificially recall looking at my cel to see what time it was and it was i started to try and focus Ozzie just kept barking and growling  and stiffining up like Boxers do when they sense a threat....anyone who has ever owned a Boxer knows precisely what i am talking about....try as i might though I saw absolutely nothing there....I kept staring for about a minute and then decided that Ozzie must have just picked up a strange odor or just heard something from outside.....who knows right.....this is where it gets weird.....i then proceeded to lay my head back down on my pillow....and thats when it happened.....I don't know how to explain this.....but i heard something that very eerily sounded like people sounded like a man and a woman having a conversation....I AM NOT was a low enough level that i could not make out what they were saying......and it sounded as though they were just calmly went on for all of ten seconds......and it scared the living hell outta me....because if Ozzie was hearing it.....then it had to exist in some way......i got up and through every light in my living room/kitchen area on and of course found no one there.....i went out on my porch in 25 degree weather in a t shirt and had a smoke.......then i went in and watched tv for an hour before i could go back to sleep.......IT WAS STRANGE!!!!! who am i to say?       I have no idea what that was    and i probably will never know for sure.........thank u for stopping by      RIck

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